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Rodeo Daddy

Yee-haw! Rodeo Daddy is here, y'all!

Can a shy, book-obsessed Little tame the wildest of the North brothers? And when he discovers her dirty secret, will he run a mile?

Anita Fletcher is about as dangerous as chocolate pudding. She's a quiet, romance-novel-loving Little who's just landed a perfect job: managing the social media output for Littlecreek Ranch. Or at least, that's what everyone thinks... By night, Anita writes the downright naughtiest, spiciest, most scandalous age-play stories the world has ever seen. She dreams of sharing her words with the world, but she's far, far too timid. Enter Duke North. He's not timid. Not even close. Duke is a wild, untameable force of nature. He's a cowboy with a big dream: to become the best rodeo rider in the world. He's not interested in settling down or finding love, he only exists for the thrill of the ride. But when Anita decides to base a fictional character on Duke - and make him even more cocky and insufferable than Duke is - she knows she has to find a way to spend more time with him. Duke doesn't mind - Anita is exactly his type for a fling. But the closer they get, the more Duke realizes she'll never be just a fling. In fact, she could be his forever girl. They're opposites in every way, and yet somehow, their chemistry is electric. But when Duke discovers Anita's been keeping secrets, will it destroy everything they've been trying to build? And will Duke's brothers ever convince him that maybe our dreams aren't as important as the gift we already have in our hands? Pleasure buttons: lots of dirty talk, opposites attract, spanking, impact play, an ambitious man, a super-dominant Daddy, created families, brotherly squabbles and banter, discipline, a surprising secret, a romance writer with big dreams, and a cocky hero who knows exactly what he wants!

This North brothers' story is part two of the Littlecreek Ranch series. Watch out for Chuck the gruff cowboy, and Trent the stern equine veterinarian in their stories!

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