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More Daddy

Hooray! The third book in the Daddies Inc series has landed!

It tells the story of Bastion, a divorced billionaire grump who seriously needs to sort his life out. Oh, and did I mention he has a secret 13-year-old son?!

And then there's Kiera. A Middle (or is she a Little?) who dances to the beat of her own drum. She runs her own small business selling homemade bubble bath, and she desperately needs to make her business succeed or she'll end up homeless. Again.

Cue a surprise one-night stand in Scotland. Cue Kiera getting kicked out of her apartment and having to work as Bastion's cleaner. Cue Bastion having to clean up his act... and come clean about his own secrets.


This is a book that could have quite easily been enemies to lovers when I started out writing it, but Bastion and Kiera had such wonderful chemistry that very early on, they just click for one another. Bastion finds a reason to get on the straight and narrow. Kiera finds the help she never dared ask for. And the steam between them is off. The. Charts.

But, as usual, things don't always run smoothly. Bastion and Kiera have some big issues to work through before they get their happy ending, but when it comes, it's the sweetest, hottest, yummiest HEA ever.

Guaranteed! 😉

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